Little Ashkim Baby Dino Hooded Cotton Towel

$25.50 USD $27.50 USD Save $2.00 USD

This adorable Dino hooded towel feels thicker and softer than regular cotton towels. It is beautifully lightweight, absorbent and fast drying – even after endless washing.

Our super soft, absorbent and durable hooded towels are made with extra-long fiber loops. With zero twist yarn constructed from long staple cotton.

The lack of twist in the yarn allows the cotton fibers to open up, increasing absorbency and softness up to five times more than regular cotton towels.  A soft hug for your little stars.

100% Turkish Cotton feels luxuriously soft. Made with the legendary Turkish towel quality. Ultra plush and absorbent. Machine wash warm. Tumble dry low. 100% Cotton

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