Enchanted Unicorn 49 Piece Party Décor Kit

$18.11 USD

Hosting an enchanted birthday party, baby shower or bachelorette party?

Then like the included banner says, it must Be Magical."

This Enchanted Unicorn 49-piece Party décor Kit is filled with everything you need to transform an ordinary party to a magical  and unforgettable experience.

Including iridescent star wands, unicorn face masks, coasters and straws. The only thing left to create is your guest list!


Party Decor Kit Set 49 Piece

Features and Facts:

  • Thick iridescent paper cutout letters spelling out "BE MAGICAL"
  • White cardstock coaster with a scalloped edge. The edge, unicorn and stars on the coaster are iridescent.
  • White face mask with a light turquoise hair curl and a light pink inside ear. The horn and eyelashes are made of gold glitter. To be able to have the mask be put on a face, there is a 12.99" long elastic fastner at the ends of the masks.
  • Clear acrylic wand with an iridescent star on top. under the star hang 3 strands of ribbon in turquoise, pink and purple.
  • One straw is white and light blue striped and one straw is white with gold foil dots.
  • 1 banner; 8 coasters; 8 face masks; 8 wands; 24 straws
  • Large envelope-style packaging



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